A Complete Business Intelligence Tool

Have an overload of raw data? Need an data analysis tool? Witsend is here to help!

We’ve got a complete data analysis solution meant to enable customers to put their raw data to good use; whether it’s at a project or enterprise level. The data can be used to greatly further your marketing efforts. It can also help streamline processes to improve efficiency and enable you with the appropriate key information to help make better, more informed decisions. In short, your data put to good use means business growth and increase in revenue.

Data is vital to every business and without a doubt the multitude of businesses out there are already imploring some form of business intelligence tools. WitsEnd aggregates, integrates and improves your data by transforming it into useful, usable information. Our “data crunching” helps churn out results that enable businesses to make better decisions in relation to performance optimization and business growth. This data -to-information transformation is extremely important in today’s rigorously competitive business world. It is important to equip your business/enterprise with the right tools, powerful enough to meet/exceed your needs. Some examples of way in which WitsEnd can help your business are:

  •  Performance forecasting
  •  Trends analysis
  •  Custom reporting
  •  KPI’s
  •  Aid in the development of customer retention strategies (loyalty programs etc…)
  •  Boost brand awareness via product/brand analysis
  •  Review marketing/sales initiatives
  •  CRM: Customer relations management
  •  Pinpoint redundancies/ shortcomings of SOP’s

WitsEnd offers a complete strategic data management solution inclusive of:

  •  Modeling
  •      ETL & Reporting
  •  Data Integration
  •      Data Analysis
  •  Data Profiling
  •  Data Mart
  •  Data Warehouse
  •  Data Visualizations services

We simplify the data complexity to design solutions based on Star Schema and Snowflake architectures using tools such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, SQL Server (SSRS, SSIS and SSAS), Talend, Informatica, Tableau using our BI and DW services.